Jen. 22. Girl. Spain. You can find some random stuff mostly Mass Effect and other things I like. And... yeah, I have kind of obsesion with Lost Girl... meh. I also write fanfiction but only in spanish, sorry :3

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"Okay, the point is I love Lauren. She’s a huge part of my life.”

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playing online multiplayer with someone and kicking ass then getting a message saying ‘thanks man’



favorite doccubus screencaps - season I


favorite doccubus screencaps - season I

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5/∞ badass female characters; cassandra pentaghast》
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but sometimes when i like people, i have to make them go away.

(Fuente: attackoneyebrows)

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loyalty missions: the prodigal
"My father hurt me, but he didn’t break me."

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dragon age protagonists and their titles

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If one heart can mend another

only then can we begin

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